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TFF PressInfo # 439: New peace platform – The Transnational

Lund, Sweden – December 30, 2017 It’s tomorrow, at December 31, 2017 at 1200 noon CET, that we open The Transnational to the world. It’s a homepage, an archive of some 7000 original research-based articles over more than 30 years. It’s a blog by TFF Associates – the finest and most experienced community devoted to […]

More inequality, Mr. Trump?

By Jonathan Power December 26th 2017 Every so often reports emerge that attempt to measure which are the best countries to live in. The Nordic countries plus New Zealand, Holland and Switzerland, usually come out top. Sweden is number one just for the sheer stability of life and security. Denmark is seen as the most […]

Guide to this archive blog

This blog became an open archive on December 31 December 2017 when TFF launched its new magazine-like homepage, The Transnational on January 1, 2018. In this blog you’ll find almost everything posted over these 6 years by TFF Associates, a group of experts on international issues who are committed to the UN Charter’s norm, Article […]

The madness of missiles

By Jonathan Power December 19th. 2017 The nuclear weapon missile business is contradictory, full of missteps, highly dangerous and prepared in its madness (Mutually Assured Destruction, aka MAD, they used to call it in Cold War days) to plunge the world into a nuclear war that will reduce most of the world to dust. A […]


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