TFF PressInfo # 326 – Outrageus attempt at killing a deal with Iran

By Jan Oberg

Internal elite power games in Washington are now putting Middle Eastern and global stability and peace at stake.

Here is the latest attempt at killing a deal with Iran that, to the sensitive reader with a minimum of knowledge of foreign policy and of the Iranian civilization, is little but one long argument for warfare on Iran in nobody’s interest – certainly also not in the interest of the citizens of Israel. 

Is it just because it is summer time that intellectuals, media commentators and diplomats as well as friends and allies of the US conveniently keep generally silent at such irresponsible statements – and the many before it?

Don’t they understand that the nuclear issue as such – not proliferation but possession – is humanity’s most important and that Iran has been the object of revengeful harrassment since 1953 and punished for years for not having nuclear weapons?Read More »

New TFF Newsletter

By Jan Oberg

Before TFF’s mission to Iran, we published this Newsletter with what we do, where we think the world is heading and an article by Board member Annette Schiffmann on her photo exhibition about women’s empowerment.
It also contained a rather strong appeal for your support to us – one of the few remaining independent research institutions and in its 26th year devoted to the UN norm of peace by peaceful means. Please hit the support link that suits you on the top right here to support our work, missions, analyses and websites and social media presence.
There is no such thing as a free peace!